Worker Guidelines

• All workers must complete an application and interview with Mrs. Sickling.

• All workers must be trained in the job they are assigned to do.

• Upon arrival:

o Sign-in and check what job you will be doing that day.

o Store personal items under the desk or in the cabinet.

• Only two workers may be behind the circulation desk at a time.

• If there is no job for you to do, you must have a media center pass from the cafeteria.

• Workers must behave in a trustworthy, self-motivated, and courteous manner at all times and be willing to do whatever is needed.

• Workers must exhibit a positive, cooperative, and helpful attitude while working in the media center.

• Workers can not have more than three Success Lab or discipline referrals. One ISD or A School referral will result in termination of duties.

Worker Application

Worker applications are accepted during the first two weeks of the school year and as needed through-out the year.

Click Here to Download Application!

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